Embroidered Hats, Shirts, Jackets, Pants.

We now do embroidery for our caps and clothing items at very reasonable prices. Things that you can have embroidered are:
name, logo, club came, website, business name, favorite sports team, favorite music group, favorite phrase, anything you want!

You can request any color embroidery. (Having the color of the hat visor embroidered on the hat looks great!) The cap must say "constructed" to have a logo embroidered on it. Text can be embroidered on non-constructed caps.

Check out our list of fonts!

We can also do logos. Have your club logo or business logo done as an embroidery is very attractive. There is a "first time" charge to have your logo digitized for the embroidery machines. After that, you can have single piece orders of the logo put on a hat or shirt at any time for a low cost. Please send a photo, hi-resolution file, or print of your logo and we will give you a quote to digitize.

We also have some of the clipart collection at http://dakotacollectibles.com that you can have put on your items. By ordering one of their graphics, you won't get charged a setup fee. You can request to change their size (up to 50%) and colors of their clipart designs. Most of their graphics are made for white background items. We are not responsible for how colored clothing items or thread color changes turn out. The cost of each design will vary due to the different number of stitches. Please figure $1.50 per 1000 stitches. Go to the next highest 1000 for odd numbers of stitches. You can ask for a quote. The size of the graphic will determine where the graphic will be located on the sweatshirt or jacket. A small graphic will go over the left chest (over the heart). A large graphic can go on the front or back of a sweatshirt. A large graphic will go on the back of a jacket.

Here are a few hats that we just embroidered:

Click on hat for larger view:


To have text embroidered:
1 or 2 Lines is the same price for 1/2" to 1" text.

  1/2" to 1" Text
Use this for Caps
or Left Chest of shirt
1 1/2" to 2" Text
Centered on front or
back of Sweatshirt
2 1/2" Text
Centered on front or
back of Sweatshirt
1 Item $6.95 $12.95 $15.95
2 - 3 Items $5.95 ea. $11.95 ea. $14.95 ea.
4 or more $5.50 ea. $11.45 ea. $14.45 ea.


Contact us for a price quote on your order and shipping charges. Please include your zip code.

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